USB Ethernet Adapters

Digging through a box of old computer hardware today, I came across an  old USB 2.0 to ethernet adapter I had purchased for use on my Nintendo Wii.  I had done some testing with some ebay sourced USB ethernet adapters about a month ago on one of my model A Raspberry Pi boards but without success.  In the picture below the Wii ethernet adapter is on the left:


Three USB ethernet adapters.

In my testing, I had booted the Pi with a copy of Xbian media player but the two USB ethernet adapters I purchased on ebay failed to make a network connection.  Today I tried the old Wii ethernet adapter and sure enough it made a succesful network connection.

To identify the chipsets on the three adapters I plugged each one into the USB port of my destkop running Unbuntu and in a terminal issued the command lsusb.  From left to right in the picture above here’s how the lsusb command  identified each adapter:

Left (Wii adapter):  ID 0b95:7720 ASIX Electronics Corp. AX88772

Center:  ID 0fe6:9700 Kontron (Industrial Computer Source / ICS Advent) DM9601 Fast Ethernet Adapter

Right:  ID 9710:7830 MosChip Semiconductor MCS7830 10/100 Mbps Ethernet adapter

So, for a Pi running Xbian at least, I can only recommend the AX88772 based adapter at this point.  

I did an ebay search under AX88772 to see if I could buy a new adapter with this chipset online and found a unit for just over $5 US.  I’ll test it after it shows up in the mail.

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2 comments on “USB Ethernet Adapters
  1. Mike Solo says:

    Did you ever find one which works well?

    • sgyoshida says:

      The only adapter I had any success with was the old Nintendo Wii adapter (AX88772). The unit that I ordered that was supposed to have the same chipset turned out to be DOA.

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