Raspberry Pi

I’ve been tinkering with the Raspberry Pi board for a bit over 6 months now.  Prior to being introduced to the pi I had done a lot of work with the Arduino platform and had become a big fan of the open source hardware/software movement.

Raspberry Pi is still in its infancy and the best is yet to come. Hardware wise, it isn’t exactly cutting edge but it has just enough umph to do some pretty useful things. The low component prices that makes the Raspberry Pi possible is a result of the booming cell phone market. By now most people have at least one or two generations of now outdated cell phones sitting around someplace – doomed to early obsolecence by firmware that will never be supported again. Unlike your average mass produced cell phone, the Raspberry Pi has the backing of the ever growing library of open source code that can be downloaded at a whim from the internet. I think the growing library  of code available for the platform should keep interest in it for at least 4 or 5 more years – far longer than the lifespan of any cell phone.


Raspberry Pi Model A on the left, B model on the right.

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