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New 3D printer

After getting my pick and place robot working, it was a real pain converting it over to 3D printer operation.  Switching back from 3D printer mode back to pick and place robot was an even bigger chore since I would

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Store Now Open

I have made a few of my battery boards for the original Raspberry Pi (models A and B) available for sale in my new web store here.  If sales are good I will continue to produce the boards and possibly

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Automatic Nozzle Exchange on PNP

Finally have nozzle exhange working on my PNP robot.  Here’s a video of the nozzle exchange in test:

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Store Opening Soon

For anyone waiting to buy a Raspberry Pi Battery board, the site store will be opening soon.  I had planned on opening in January but it looks like the opening will be sometime in early to mid February.  I have

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