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Estimating Battery Life

To get some  battery life estimates for my battery board V2 project, I decided to use my arduino battery tester to measure the 5V current draw on the model A and model B Raspberry Pi.  You can see my test

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Automatic Fish Feeder

While looking around the aquarium section of one of those big pet supply stores, I came upon a display of female Bettas (Siamese Fighting Fish).  Long story short – after plunking down $4, I have a new occupant on my

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USB Ethernet Adapters

Digging through a box of old computer hardware today, I came across an  old USB 2.0 to ethernet adapter I had purchased for use on my Nintendo Wii.  I had done some testing with some ebay sourced USB ethernet adapters

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DIY Laptop Cooler

With all the back to school sales going on, I decided it was a good time to get a new laptop. I ended up purchasing a Lenovo G505s – an A10 based laptop. One of the first things I loaded

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Anker Battery Test

I’ve been searching for a bigger better battery to power the Raspberry Pi battery board V2.  Based on past experience, I’ve found that the least costly sources for Li-Ion batteries to be inconsistent in how well the measured capacity of

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Raspberry Pi Camera Board

I finally managed to get my hands on a Raspberry Pi camera board.   I’ve also wanted to experiment a little with OpenCV.  There has to be a awesome application just waiting to be born using the Pi and OpenCV.

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